Conditioning Work

I’ve only just started doing this, (like really recently, like last weekend recently) but honestly I’m very excited about it, however much it sucks right now. (I was so sore it was honestly not funny) I was planning on doing 10min trot followed by 3 min canter, then 10min trot, 3min canter and then walk for a while to cool out.

Yeah that didn’t happen.

Halfway through the first trot set I realized I should have started with 6-8min and then work our way back up as we got stronger.

Wind + Forelock = Model Moose

In the spirit of getting fit, I kept with it and finished the 10 minutes and took a walk break so I could regain feeling in my legs. I then did two 3min canter sets, one each way, and just to add to the excitement a jump standard fell over just as we went past it, so we took a little unplanned detour…

After that we took another walk  break and by this point my legs were practically jelly and Moose was leaning so hard into the bit it was like trying to steer a freight train.

But I was determined to finish what I had started so we, kind of sadly, did 2min trot, 1min each way, and called it a day. Hopefully the more we do it the better it gets and the longer we can do it for.

On a side note, look at my stunning xc pad from ogilvy that finally showed  up!

It’s just so pretty!!!
Also my aztec diamond equestrian leggings are sooo pretty

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